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Our tenant lease is up in June 15. On Easter weekend this year I inspected property and asked if any repairs needed. She wanted to buy property. I said I would think about it. After I informed her that I didn’t want to sell. She started to start with Gardner. Cost me 500 to pull out bushes in garden she said had bugs and was affecting her enjoyment of yard. She then made other claims that are not true. I had a women that managed this property for 10 years old complaints. She was sent a lease renewal form she waited to last day. I have raised the rent 100. My cost have gone up on everything. I scheduale a electrian and she said she was going to be there and then didn’t let him in. He went back a second time. No entry and then complains nothing gets done. I Scheduled a plumber and told her he was going to be late traffic and holiday weekend. She was home didn’t let him in. The wrote me and said it was too late he was 15 min. She stopped all phone call and now says I harassing her if I ask when to scheduale these repair people. She informed me now she is disabled and her dog is a therapy dog not a pet like when she signed lease. I don’t know what to do. I had this plumber 10 years and gardener 10 both don’t want to deal with her. She is telling me gardener is violating her civil rights by taking pictures of the beds that I wanted to see so I can pay him for the work. Any ideas. I think want her out. Also three kids with her
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