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Can I take pictures while I am doing a walk-through

Can a landlord take pictures during entry?  I have a tenant that I am going to give an eviction notice to today and also a notice of entry for tomorrow morning so in the event they do intentional damage while leaving I have pictures to show what it looked liked before they left. I am not trusting them.
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I would likely be more concerned about trying to enter the property with less than 24 hours notice. How did this all work out for you? Did you end up taking photos or videos? When I do a walk-through I would take photos of things I want to make note of. Also when the time comes to turn over one of our units again I plan to take a full video walk through of the unit documenting the conditions before the tenant moves in. But really the important part is doing the walk through with the tenant and both signing off on the walk through check list before they move in.
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