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Tenant who is not paying

I am in Virginia and have a tenant who is not paying and ignoring my calls.  Her 12 month lease has expired and she is paying month to month which the lease allows.  Do I have to continue to rent to her or can I evict her with notice during the pandemic?

In Maryland, you can not evict for non-payment of rent because of covid.  However, you can end the lease and take to court for tenant holding over.    Call you district court office and ask.
I would send a certified letter informing tenant of non renewal. Usually that is anywhere from 15 to 30 day notice for a month to month or whatever you have in your lease. I dont know about the Covid 19 eviction moratorium in MD but tenants just cannot not pay rent and not respond to the landlord. There are documents they have to sign in order to meet the guidelines set forth by the CDC and submit to the landlord. They have to  prove hardship, loss of job, actual Covid. The above respondent is correct, after notifying tenant in the absence of any documents or communication, file eviction with the court as a holdover tenant.
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