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Move Out Pre Inspection and Final walk through.

I have a tenant who has given notice on Aug 2 she gave me a 30 day notice that she will be moving out Sept 5th.  1st problem:  that is more then 30 days?  When I addressed the extra days she said she wasn't going to pay for them. So I did a Pre Inspection on Aug 20 and sent her a complete list of items that need to be repaired and cleaned.  My lease with her is very clear as to "left in condition received", No Smoking, No Pets. I became clear that she was smoking in the house, It became clear that there was a dog inside the house.  It also was clear she had a roommate that was not cleared with me.  This woman immediately began to state how she was going to sue me unless she go all her deposit back.  Also on my final walk through, she said that she wasnt ready because "I pressured her", "that the house does not need to be in move in ready", " that she doesn't give a ----" what the lease says"    Would it be best just to bite the bullet and list the damage, cost of repair then deduct or what??  The Security Deposit was $1550. not enough really to cover repainting interior and carpet stains that are not coming up.

30 day notice means minimum of 30 days.  Take the prorated rent she owes you out of the deposit and any cleaning/repair costs.  If there is money left send it to her with the bill itemized bill.   If it comes out to more then the deposit send her a itemized bill.
Not fun. Agree. Take the pro rated rent from the deposit. You would have to take into consideration normal wear and tear, that would address the painting. Carpet stains are another issue. Smoking is a huge issue as well as the pet. If your lease included clauses of no smoking and no pets get someone out there ASAP for inspections. A pest control company to check for ticks or fleas. Pet odors and pet soiling on the carpets can be tough to address. Get a carpet cleaning company out there. The smoking can be huge. I would hire a company that eradicates smoke. They can inspect and advise. You will have it all documented. In Florida you have up to 15 days to send notice of intent to claim, they have 15 days to respond to that. After that you send the invoices and inspection results, deduct the security and refer to clauses in the lease. Anything additional to the security dep would be a bear to get. Going to court to file a claim you would have to weigh out is it worth it. Good riddance to this tenant.
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