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Which form to send

I am an out of state landlord with a home in Mesa that I rented out when I moved. The tenant has been delinquent on rent for many months and I have tried and tried to work with him. He owes over 2 months rent and I have realized I am too sympathetic to be a landlord. I have accepted an offer to sell the house. So, I need to get the tenant out. I was thinking I could let him know that if he is cooperative and allows the buyer in to inspect the property and works with both myself and the buyer, he could have a little more time, but if he is going to be antagonistic, I would simply give him a 5 Day Notice to Quit.  In otherwords, I want him out, but I also need him to be cooperative. Not sure exactly what to send him,,,,,can I send multiple forms at once?
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You may want to check with the real estate agent as many states now require the buying party to honor any existing leases. With proper advance notice, all tenants MUST allow entry for inspection, etc. Rule of thumb is one week minimum.
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