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Covid 19

I have been renting out our house for 3 years to a husband and wife. The decision was made based on the husband's income. I sent out a rent increase letter in February stating that the rent would increase $100 in April. The husband notified me in February after they received the letter that he was no longer living there he left 30 days before.. He stated that the wife with her 30 year old son would take care of the rent moving forward. Son isn't on lease and never was approved to live there. March rent was paid but a little late. In April I was notified that the son lost his job, the mom is on set income. But I received no rent for April until May was due. Then I received $400 of the $1350 owed. I haven't received any rent payment for May. June I have received half of the payment and the son is going to give me the other half today. The son would like to sign a lease, which I have requested his information. They currently owe me $2300 for April and May. Should I add the son to the lease or give 60 day notice to move?
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