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Wisconsin holdover

What are the rules in Poynette, Wi right now due to Covid?  I live out of state and use a management company to manage my single-family home.  The lease ended in December 2020.  The tenants are behind now for January and February 2021 rent.  There is no new lease in effect.  They are not month-to-month due to the lease ending.  So, basically they are a hold-over and not paying rent.  In essence: Squatters.  The management company has informed me the tenant has secured a new full-time job and also has qualified for some rent assistance.  It is almost the middle of February, and I still haven't received any rent.  The management company stated there's nothing they can do due to Covid restrictions.  I understand not evicting due to non-payment due to Covid.  Isn't there something I can do, though, since they are squatting and holding over?
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