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Using the deposit as last month rent

I have a written statement in the lease agreement that states they could not use the deposit as last month rent. However, the agreement dose not spell out the consequences for leaving without paying the expected rent. I charged a late fee on top of taking out 20 days of rent. They want more money back. We also charged for flea infestation. They were not supposed to have a dog. We also charged for the dog tearing up the hardwood floor. It was more than normal wear and tear. Every time we asked for a dog deposit they told us it her visiting mothers dog. Any advice?  June Smith

If you are going to keep all or part of the deposit, you need to create an itemized list of what you are deducting for and the amount you are deducting. Then you must provide the tenant with a copy of the list and refund the amount outstanding. If they decide to argue, tell them that they will have to file in county court.
If you have conducted a home inspection to identify these damages, you can use the inspection report as proof against the tenant's claim. Find out repairing cost of damages and ask a tenant to pay the bill. If tenant refuses to do so, deduct the repairing cost from security deposit. For the unpaid rent, you can seek legal advice To know more, visit, SGP Multifamily:
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