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FLORIDA Landowner.   Tenant signs a renewal LEASE in JUNE 2021.   Today July 18th, 2021 she wants out.  She wrote me a notice of her moving out AUGUST 31st.    She gave reasons for moving however primary reason is outside my control.   The neighbor.   She has paid 1st, Last, and SD.   EZlandlord forms show a fixed cost if early term of $1,100.   The cost of re-renting is one months rent.    The lease is for 1 year or 12 months.  Does she owe any money for the remaining 11 months???  I need a little help in this, trying to understand the lease and what powers I have.   She wants me to pay her extra for fixes with receipts and everything.  She wanted to use her friend (plumber) before my plumber had availability.     She clogged the kitchen sink.  $160.    I was going to be nice and add a garbage disposal to keep from happening in the future.   I don't want to be nice anymore since she is wanting to leave.

So you put the property on the market as available for 01-07Sept2021 depending on how long you will need to clean and get the place ready.   Put the add up right away.   If you can find a qualified tenant to move in at the same rate on 01 Sept.  she owes you the costs for finding the new tenant,  advertising, fees(if you had to pay a realtor finders fee).  Cost to clean,  and any other cost associated with turn the property over.  That is all she'd owe you. unless you have something else in your lease.   Now if you can't find a new tenant to start the next day she owes you a prorated amount for everyday the place is empty until you find someone and the above costs.  Unless you have a predetermined early move-out fee in your lease.    Is the EZ form one that you had in the lease or just one you found?
I need a form for tenant to sign to get out of lease early.  She has agreed to pay the additional fee that’s in the lease.
EZ Landlord has such a form,  called early termination of lease.
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