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Tenant going to eviction court also has warrants for arrest, would the courts know??

Hello all, So there's this tenant that has to go to eviction court,getting assistance all that, but has warrant for arrest for missing court for like traffic violations and child support and there worried to know if the courtss/courts judge would know. Please be mindful and open, no disrespect, it's not aiding bedding situation to point a finger, it's just a general question that someone at there knows right now just needs advice and question answered. Me myself going to court for a property management  thing group, I've never seen this happen in the court eith one of our tenants but never know,  Thanks in advance I appreciate it ¿¿¿¿
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Tell the tenant they should go in and take care of the warrants themselves before they are stopped for something and arrested and carted off in the middle of the night.
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