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Unauthorized person

I have a tenant who has her 30 year old son residing in her residence who is not on the lease how do I get him removed he has caused multiple problems with other tenants.

Provide a XX day fix or quit notice.  If he doesn't leave file for eviction.
Richard Stephens8:36 AM My last tenant skipped without paying the last months rent, using the “keep my security deposit” excuse. Damages are over $5,000 but they have nothing of value even if I could find them. When I went to see the property I found that guests of theirs, a father and his 17 yr old Daughter were living there and wanted to continue living there. He offered to pay rent (less than a third). I had put the property up for sale. He promised to not let it be further damaged, allow real estate agents to visit for showings (by not being there when they come) and keep premises clean. Premises are now cluttered, he asked for 24 hours notice before agents could visit which I denied. I have no lease, have accepted no money, and also discovered he is keeping a dangerous dog (a Corso) in the horse barn which scared off an agent 3 days ago. I also discovered he changed the utilities to his name over two months ago, so he has been there for perhaps 3 months. I refer to him as a guest. Not a tenant. My wife and I want him gone. Any advice? Thanks, Richard
State is Georgia.
I hope Georgia is better than Austin ( Travis County). I can not even get a lawyer to accept eviction cases.  have told me I am just plain F#$ked as Travis County is using the CDC  / Covid to refuse any legal actions against tenants. I am not even allowed to talk to them about the issue. I have done the same and put the property up for sale.
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