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Claims verbal agreement

I post a notice to not re-new which also stated that tenant could try to make arrangements with a new buyer (I'm selling) but if they failed to they would have to vacate at end of lease.  We had a conversation 5 days later she seems to have voice recorded.  I don't remember the conversation verbatim but I know she kept asking about staying till May and I kept saying we could try to work something out with a potential buyer, repeatedly.   There is a chance that as I was constantly just trying to LEAVE and she repeated herself AGAIN about staying till May, that I said, "we can work something out."  Not sure if I said try or whatever but I was referring the conversation we'd been having and what I'd put on the non-renewal notice.  Now she says we had an agreement and she foesnt have to be out by wnd of lease.  Opinions?
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