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30 days notice, Do I charge pro-rated or until the end of the month?

I'm a new homeowner/live-in landlord in California.  The tenant emailed me in early February saying she would move out March 30 at the latest. The tenant gave me confirmation on Feb 21 that she was moving out March 1. She had sent me an email earlier saying she would move out by March 30. My understanding is that she will pay through March 30, even though she's moving out earlier. In terms of '30 days notice', that would be March 21, and from some articles that seemed to be CA law, but I reread the lease and this is the language I see that seems most related seems to say she would pay to March 30. Do you read this the same way that I do?   From the lease: A. At the end of this Lease Agreement or any renewal thereof, Tenant must vacate and shall immediately and peacefully surrender and return to the Landlord the possession of the Leased Premises in as good condition as when Tenant took possession less normal wear and tear. The Leased Premises shall be cleared out of all occupants, furniture, personal articles, and effects of any kind. This Lease will continue in full force and effect on a month to month basis unless Tenant or Landlord provide a written notice to the other party at least 30 days before the end of the current month in order to terminate the lease

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