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Evict Tenant Renting Room

I have a rental property (a single family dwelling that I do not live in) that I rent out individual rooms (the rooms do not have numbers that individually identify them). The common areas (kitchen, living room, bathrooms, etc.) are shared living space.  I need to evict a single tenant using 60 day notice to vacate. I looked into the notices required and the process to 'serve' them. After reading a bunch of information a few things are still unclear.  1) There are 3 ways to serve a notice (in person, hand notice to someone else at residence + mail notice, post notice in conspicuous place + mail notice)  It appears some jurisdictions only allow `in person` service.... unless multiple attempts have been made unsuccessfully , then one of the other options can be used.  Additionally some jurisdictions only allow `post conspicuous place + mail` if a Judge gives the ok.  2) Since the rooms do not have numbers do I need to put anything else on the `60 Notice to Vacate` (besides their name/address) that specifically identifies them (vs. the other tenants renting other rooms in the house)  3) I am planning on serving the notice myself (I have read that is allowed). If this goes to court will that hold up? I am wondering what happens if the tenant claims he didn't get the notice and since I served it myself I have no 3rd party witnesses to corroborate. I could also have a friend do it (but same issue as they are not truly 3rd party).
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