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Tenant in a nursing home

Need advise. I have a tenant of 3 years. For the past 2 years he has been in and out of hospital/ nursing homes.  I have had issues with him not keeping utilities paid, Not paying rent, leaving junk vehicle on property. I gave a notice to leave a year ago.  Sister talked me into leaving him stay with the understanding that she would take care of his finances and would work on getting him into a assisted living facility(which he really needs). Well here I am a year later, no attempt to get him out. I recently had to enter his apartment to allow the Gas Company to relight pilot lights.  My husband had to actually use a snow shovel to push trash out of the way to enter.  The entire apartment is littered in trash (layers covering the entire floor), feces smeared all over bathroom walls, urine in cups and bottles,etc. So gas company refuses to light furnace due to fire hazard.  I issued another 30 day notice to leave.  The 30 days have passed and nothing has been done, he is in a nursing home again somewhere.  Now I worry about future frozen pipes due to no heat in the apartment, and to just get rid of him. I worry about involving my attorney because of his disabilities and I understand he is not physically able to move his self out but I have had it. Any suggestions?

Get an attorney. You run a business, not a "help other people" service.
If you gave him a proper written 30 day notice that his lease was not being renewed and he has not moved out you need to go to the court house and file for eviction.
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