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landlord early termination of lease

Tenant lease goes through April 2019. One and half month into the lease, tenant gave notification of termination which he later rescinded. The property is well maintained (everyone is in agreement on this); however, this tenant has found one issue after another since his move-in.  Issues and claims to include mold, rat infection, and a problem with the airflow/circulation. Most recently, it is the exterior lighting not properly position to go on when he enters the property. The area is well light! Notwithstanding clean reports issued by the pest company (who conduct quarterly pest inspection) and an insurance field technician (requested to investigate tenant's claim) for the mold, this tenant continues his obsessions.  This obsession caused a new tenant to move out within three days of moving in. Said tenant accepted my early termination request and agreed to move out at the end of this month.  I plan on refunding his security deposit along with his prepaid last month's rent. What action other protective action(s) should I put in place to ensure a hassle-free kiss-off? Thanks in advance.
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Show a tenant the latest home inspection report before they movie in. Otherwise, ask the tenant to inspect the rental property by hiring a personal home inspector. If the tenants are ok with the inspection, request them to sign a one year lease. Add one clause in the lease that if a tenant terminates the lease in between, the landlord won't return a security deposit. Also, while preparing the lease, consider all the neighborhood and state laws. To know more, visit SGP Now:
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