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When Does Guest Turn into Tenant

I'm in Massachusetts. A friend asked if she could stay with me until she transitioned to place of her own. I said yes two years ago when she was employed. Since then she became disabled but I reluctantly said yes even though I told her I did not want anyone living with me.   I thought this was going to be a transitional type of stay but she is moving everything in with no real plan to move. She has been here less than two weeks and everyone is warning me that if I let her stay too long she becomes a tenant. I asked the local police and they said the same thing and if she becomes a resident here the eviction process could take up to a year if she really pushed it.   I thought I was being nice but I can't have anyone here that long or I'll lose my sanity. Any thoughts on what I should do?   One other thing. Her mother does live nearby. Could I tell her to move the majority of her stuff out of here and declare residency there so that would protect me? Thanks
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It varies depending on your location.  Some of things are 1. If she pays rent, 2. after 30 days(can be shorter), 3. If she receives mail to that address.  Tell her she can't move all her stuff there, get a storage unit. You can also try and get her to sign some sort of agreement that she is just a guest(this might not be legal/work).
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