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Month to Month Lease and Eviction

Hi, We have tenant living for couple of years and has history of late payments. We are planning to move month to month lease as we feel during COVID is not right situation to end lease. Their lease came for renewal and we decided we could do month to month lease. If the rent is due on 1st of month, they usually pay the rent around 40th day (month and 10 days). As landlord when can i evict them if rent is not paid in time? E.g. rent is due on 1st, late fee on 5th and by 15th do i have right to send eviction notice?  Thanks Veda.
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You can give them the 5 day notice to pay or vacate the day the late payment kicks in.  Do you have a 5 day grace period?  then it is actual after the 6th when it is due.  Unless you specified the 5th as the date.
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