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Landlord not renewing month to month lease pandemic

We have a tenant that is not paying full rent. He is on a month to month lease. We sent him a non-renewal form with his tenancy ending 11/30/20 with no response. We also sent him a text telling him if he will vacate the premises by 10/31 the October rent will be forfeited. No response. We know we can't evict him for non-payment at the present time. Should we wait to see if he vacates 11/30 and, if not, file an unlawful detainer? Can he be evicted during the pandemic if we end the lease? We would like to put the house up for sale, can you do that during the pandemic with a tenant in it? All of this is very confusing. Has anyone looked into filing a class action lawsuit for the rent we will never recover?
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I have the same situation. What did you end up doing ?
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