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Oregon laws

We have renters late every month.  ( still haven’t paid January)  Their lease is up in feb.  does anyone know the laws for Oregon ( considering covid) ?  What are the appropriate steps to take here?

Give them a non-renewal notice.  If they don't move out file to evict as a hold over tenant.
Hi there,  Unfortunately nothing can be done for non payment of rent in Oregon until 7/1/2021. You can do for cause evictions if they violate the lease in any way but of course you have to post a formal notice and cure before filing for a FED. If you choose to do a non lease renewal you must issue a 90 day for Portland, Multnomah area but most other areas are 60 day so you are too late on that one.  I have tenants who owe $8,000 now in back rent but can not file for eviction for another few months. Be careful on how you handle things as the fines are super hefty right now. It also depends on if you are single tenant Landlord or Multi-family.  Go to Governors eviction moratorium and it will explain it all :)  Good luck, Jen
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