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Insufficient notice by tenant to end lease

Regular lease automatically changed month-to-month when tenant did not execute lease renewal in March. I repeatedly informed her that I needed a written notice when she hinted of possible move. I mistakenly told her that a 30-day notice was required although lease requires a 60-day lease. She told me on August 9, 2019 ,in an email, that she was moving out effective August 31, 2019. Can I hold her responsible for 60 days after email notice, or just 30 days?
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8/31 minus 8/9 is less then 30 days, so technically she is in violation of even the 30 day rule. I would just send a letter that you consider the 8/30 date as a violation of the 30 day rule and any further notice must be within the terms of the signed lease.
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