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NC Eviction due to Unkempt Yard?

I have a house in North Carolina that is in an HOA community. Over the past couple of years I've received letters with photos from the HOA about the yard being unkempt and not in accordance with the HOA rules. There are always overgrown weeds, bushes, dead leaves, branches etc. on the ground. The tenant also receives the same letter and when I confront him he always tells me that he has taken care of it or that on the weekend he will work on it. I manage the property myself but I live out of state. I can't imagine what the inside must look like but most importantly I want to know if I can start eviction proceedings from what I've seen so far. My son lives in the same town as the tenant and he went over yesterday and took loads of pictures all around the property so I can also confront him with the photos. He signed a two year lease that won't expire until early summer 2021. Thanks for your advice and comments!
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you have to send him a 21/30 day notice to cure of vacate.  To give him  chance to take care of the problem. Also send him a notice to inspect.  Either go yourself or send your son to inspect the interior.
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