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Bad hygiene

I own a duplex.  One side has tenants that have been in place for years.  They always pay the rent on time and in cash.  They have never been the cleanest people but recently, their unclean habits have begun to affect the other tenant by way of roaches.  These people are not disposing of garbage in a prompt manner and are just "messy" people which is attracting (actually infesting) that side with roaches.  I have sent pest contol companies out there, but they advise they cannot guarantee their work without cooperation from these people to "clean up' their messy habits.    I can't actually find any grounds in my lease to evict them.  They are not storing trash inside the house, they just are unclean.  Don't do dishes, dirty clothes always lay on the floor (which makes great environment for roaches).  They have been given a written letter to clean up.  What can I do?
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