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Tenant witholding employment info

Hello, I need some advice on how to proceed with my tenants.  Husband is unemployed-was on disability for several years and currently seeking work.  Wife had a great job when lease was signed, finances were in decent shape. They've been in the house for less than 3 months: 1st month's rent was paid 2 days late (in cash-against our wishes) but we gave them the benefit of the doubt.  2nd month's rent was 2 weeks late and we sent a certified letter stating the ramifications of paying late, getting evicted, etc...Dec rent was paid on time with no issues.  We thought we were on track.  About 2 weeks ago, I found out (from our old mailman, lol) that the wife claims she was "laid off", but I believe she was fired or quit.  Her employer is known for retention and is a major source of jobs for our town. Any layoffs would be well publicized and they are advertising several positions equal to hers.  Anyway, she has not told us anything. It does state in our lease that we are to be notified within 48 hours of any employment changes.    The only reason they live in the area is because of her job. They have told neighbors that they will be moving out of state "soon" but have said nothing to us.  This was our home for many years and our old neighbors are our friends, I don't understand why they'd tell them something like that and not expect it to get back to us.  My question is: should I approach them with the rumor?  I don't really know how to handle this. One on hand, I want to give them the opportunity to come to us with any kind of problem and don't want to put much faith on 3rd hand info, but I also don't want to give them the chance to screw us over.    Any advice?  Rent is due in 2 days and I have a feeling that I won't see a dime.  Thank you.
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Sorry to hear that David. Since they haven't breached the lease agreement yet, you can't file for eviction, but you might call them up and offer to let them break the lease and leave early (like the end of January), provided they pay the rent on time for January. As soon as the rent becomes late in January, serve them with an eviction notice, then file for eviction.
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