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Tenant and boyfriends

I have a tenant that is always moving her boyfriends in.  Each boyfriend creates new problems.  With the latest, I had to go up there and physically get him off of her as they were fighting and he was beating on her.  That was not the first time I have had to do this.  The police came and took him away, but now she is talking about taking him back in.  I have told her that she can not move anymore men in with her.  The place is rented to her and her son only.  I have had to not only deal with the physical fights but they are quite loud when the get drunk and argue also.  She is a very unclean person also and most of the place is trashed. I would not care except that with each man there has been more and more damage to the apartment and an increasing number of loud disturbances whether by arguments or music or whatever. My question is is it within my right as her landlord to not allow people other than those listed on the lease to move in?
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You can file for eviction, if unauthorized occupants move in. When her lease term end date is 45 days out, I would give her written notice that you are not renewing her lease agreement.
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