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getting my daughter out of my rental apartment

my  daughter had a lease for 1 yr on my rental apartment and her boyfriend also . i have not re-newed the lease because i want them out for many reasons one is that the law has been called to my house ( i live in the lower apartment) 2 times in the last yr for domestic issues concerning them and drinking but the boyfriend is running his mouth about squatters rights???? do they exist? i don't believe so but need to ask , he is just a bully and i need a real answer, donna
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If your daughter had a lease, than most likely depending on the area of NY, it will revert to a month to month lease. If that is the case you can either evict her for being a nuisance by following proper notice and eviction procedures or simply give her notice that her tenancy will end - usually it would be a thirty day notice. If they do not move, then you can evict them as a holdover tenant. Get an attorney to ensure that you GET THEM OUT!
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