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charged with discrimination due to rejecting potentential tenant

New to being a landlord had a women interested in renting a 3bedroom town house I own.With little experience I had a application that she ffilled out and ask for inccome verification I rejected the potential due to low income while talking with the women I ask her how many kids did she have and she told me she had 3or 4 she claims that I said to her that I did not want her kids to mess up the house for rent so from that statement she claims I said she filed a discrimination claim under fair housing act famaliy status I plan to prove I did not discriminate need help
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In court, bring a copy of all of your data about her, including her rental application, the income and employment verification, criminal history, credit reports, etc. You should also bring the data on the tenant you DID choose, to show they were more likely to pay (better credit, better income, more stable employment, etc).
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