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How to get financing for new rentals and or duplex?

Hello all, I am a landlord and serial entrepreneur.  With the bank crunch I am having an extremely hard time finding banks looking to help or take part in new real estate rental investments.  I have no problem renting my units as they are acquired, but the banks don't seem to car anymore.  There regulations are soo tight now that it has left me with financing new properties with my own cash and private investors. Both of which I have done, but am running dry in both areas.  Any suggestions  or contacts from you guys would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.  Mathew Starr 804-839-0819
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I'd try talking to some local neighborhood banks, they're easier to deal with and have a vested interest in seeing local areas improve. You will, of course, need excellent credit, and you'll probably be looking at low LTV loans, so stay liquid!
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