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Any recourse to a mistake?

I give a $50 rebate to my tenants who pay on time.  I made a mistake in sending back the entire rent to the tenant instead of the $50.  I didn't see this until I was going through my monthly bank statement and saw they had cashed the check instead of returning it to me, knowing it was a mistake.  I told them that, in order to get my money back, I would increase their rent by $100 a month.  They finally sent me a note saying that they did not owe me back the money and they would not pay it back, nor would they pay the increase in rent (monthly contract).  I really don't like dishonest people and this was an honest mistake that I tried to rectify as soon as I saw it.  Do I have any recourse at all or do I end up eating this?
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If they're going to play hardball, usually the only way to deal with people like that is to play hardball back. I would serve them with an eviction notice and take them to court for non-payment of rent. Worst case scenario, the judge tells you you can't collect that money back, best case scenario they pay up when they realize you're serious.
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