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Vinyl Floor damage

I have a tenant that is moving out next week, and there is damage to the vinyl kitchen floor (caused by them).  Right in the middle of the kitchen is a (burned in/melted) circle about 1 foot in diameter... it looks like some one took a hot frying pan and placed it on the floor.  The floor was in very good shape when they moved in last year, and I expected to get at least another 10 years use out of it...  There is not way to fix it aside from replacing the entire floor and small hallway... about 100 sqft in total.  I don't see why I should incur any expense as a result of their carelessness... are they responsible for the full amount??  Thanks  Tom

Take it out of their security deposit.
Replace the vinyl flooring and take the total cost out of their security deposit. You should send the tenants a breakdown of the cost as well.
Bad advice Brian. In either NJ or MD you have to pro rate and with vinyl in rental use has a expectancy of less than ten years. If your vinyl floor was over 10 years old you won't get a nickel if the tenant file against your damage deposit hold in either small claims or with your state or local rental authority
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