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tenant is requesting copy of receipts

move out is complete, rent is unpaid for last month, yard was above normal ware and tear and took over 5 hours to fix, fence was broken, dog and cat urine throughout property on carpet, loads of trash and debry left behind, and we gave tenant a statement of account for deposit which deducted all these charges that we paid out of pocket for, yet tenant is asking for copy of receipts of all work - we can only provide invoices to them since we completed all the work ourselves. what should we submit and do we have to by Colorado law?
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Yes, you must provide all receipts - especially upon request. Hopefully you have taken pictures of the yard damages - a way to prove that they are the ones who damaged it will really help your case. Also, hopefully you had either a cleaner or an other third party who came in and gave a quote for damages or help document what the damages are or hopefully kept some of the damaged material (like urine soaked carpeting) or at least pictures of the stains to show there were actual damages. For your time that you are charging them, detail out what day/time you did a job and when you finished it - these should be documented with pictures of the damages and completed job to show the reasonable time spent that you are claiming.

 If you are requesting additional money above and beyond the security deposit (which is usually one months rent) and expect to get it, you should definitely get the documents to the prior tenants ASAP (at least within 30 days of move out). If they did not pay last months rent and that eats up all the security deposit and you are not actively pursuing or expecting additional funds to cover other damages, then give them an itemized list of receipts and documents to show costs above and beyond their security deposit.
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