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formula for water bill oklahoma

How do I use a formula for the the water bill
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Olahoma seems to be silent regarding on specific regulations on utitlites. Many states do have exact details on how to bill back to the Tenant utilities and some states do not pemit it for certain utillities. With that being said, it is important to make sure that whatever formula you use, is fair and reasonable. One good way to do this is to take into consideration the # of occuapnts. Therefore divide the bill into the number of occupants and then bill according to this. Make sure that your Tenants know that this is your method of billing ahead of time. OR you could use the square foot method, which is divide the total square foot and come up with an amount of the water bill usage per square foot and then bill tenant. Be OPEN and make the bill available to your tenants so that there is no question that you are overbilling or "making a proft" on the utility. Although in some states, you may charge a nominal adminsitrative fee.
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