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Tenant remodeling without permission

I have a Real Estate Agent leasing my home. She has done a lot of remodeling without my permission. Then she deducts it from her rent and refuses to pay. In the lease it states she has to have permission in writing from me, which she has never had. What can I do? I have already sent her a non-renewal of her lease, but now she won't pay the rent due without deducting over half.

Basically your tenant is not paying their rent. Start a non-payment of rent court case by first sending proper notice including the total amount due. After notice period expires then file in your local court for eviction.
Thank you Lisa. I have sent her a 3-Day pay or my home is in Washington State & I work in Alaska. This will be the second one, as I had to do the same last month. She paid right away last time, but not this. Can they get away with remodeling, even if it is in my lease it is not acceptable without written permission, which I have not given her..? She does not plan to pay for anything she has done!
No, they can't get away with remodeling (especially without your permission) and then trying to deduct that from the rent. They can only get that if they have an agreement with you (preferably written as verbal is extremely hard to verify if one party says it never happened).
Thank you Eric D. To date, 28th, she has still refused to pay the rest of the rent. She is RE agent with Windermere in Washington....amazing.  Thank you!
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