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Pet damage and mold in a rental in wi

I just had a tenant move out in WI.  We gave her 3 extra days to clean and gave her until noon the last day.  Anyway, she came in at noon to clean the last day and we said her lease was done at noon and sent her on her way.  She had cats in the basement, not on the lease, and there is a strong urine odor.  Also, in the bathroom she did not let us know about mold on the ceiling and needless to say had to strip all the wallpaper etc out of the bathroom and repaint.  Can I charge her to clean up the cat urine in the basement and charge her for repainting the bathroom.  Also, her animals pooped in the floor vents can I charge her to clean that.  I also had a cleaning crew come in the clean up the apartment.  I am hoping that I can charge her the cleaners, pet odor removal and maybe cleaning the duct work but I am not sure.  
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You can charge her for the damages, Provided that those things you speak of were mentioned in the rental agreement I.E; No pets or a pet deposit and if the agreement mentions notifying you of water damage ( leaks,etc) within a certain time frame. If those things are mentioned then you can keep the deposits or take the Tenant to Small claims court and sue for damages.
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