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Problems with the home

Hello, I am the tenant and currently the home we are renting is having pipe problems underneath the bathtub. the old 1900's pipes are crumbling and need to be replaced. I need to know what my legal rights are to get them out of the house before they cause more damage.  A lease was never signed and they still have not fully paid the deposit and they having been living there going on 3 months. I need advice on what I can and can not do. We live in Indiana. They also never return my phone calls and seem to ignore me on every level. I'm irritated and now I just want them out. They are making no attempt to move.
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This is confusing, you state that you are the Tenant but you "want them out". If you are the landlord and want your Tenant out and have grounds for eviction, servce proper notice and then follow through with eviction procedures in your state.
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