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Check list forms

Is it possible to add some of my own forms? Example: smoke detector and fire extinguisher ?
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There is a feature on ezLandlordForms where you may create your own custom addendum/disclosure. Go to LANDLORD FORMS>CUSTOM DOCUMENTS>Cut and past your text or type your text in the text box. At the top of the text box, title your document, choose type (Addendum/Disclosure can be attached to the lease) and be sure and choose the selection of BLANK document instead of mailable one. >SAVE FOR LATER USE.  When you create your lease, you will see your newly created addendum show up in Step 5. Make sure a check appears in the box to the left so that it is attached to the lease. We have customer service technicians readily available to assist you when you click the operator's picture at the top right side of the web-site!
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