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Re: Eviction

I have a Tenant whom has been in the home for almost three yrs. now. She is out of lease agreement and has been advised to vacate the premises by Jan. 27th. She has been behind for the last year and is due $800. She constantly makes excuses, house is a disaster! She has no intentions of getting out! What do I need to do in getting her out?

If you gave your tenant the notices, and waited out the proper amount of days it is time to start the eviction process. You must now seek relief in court. You should go to the Small Claims court for the jurisdiction where the property sits. The court clerk will tell you if you are in the right court. Then tell the clerk that you want to file an eviction case, and the clerk will give you the proper forms to fill out. There will be a filing fee. The court clerk will set a Court Date for the eviction case, and will have the local Sheriff deliver what is called a "Writ of Forcible Detainer to the tenant. This Writ will tell the tenant that they are being sued for eviction, and when and where the court date will be.
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