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Tenants with junk cars

I have tenants that have a couple of junk cars that i think should be removed, the cars have been there over a year and i am sure 1 of them hasnt moved but not sure if they push the 2nd one around, how can i get them to remove these cars. there is no talking to these people about them, they just shut down and dont want to talk about it with responses like " I'm busy now and dont have time to discuss it" (i get that alot from these jerks)...any ideas. I have already them to move and they will be out by the 1st of the new year but i want the cars out now

Nothing can tarnish the appearance and reputation of a neighborhood or apartment complex more quickly than unauthorized vehicles. Whether inoperable, unregistered, or uninspected, these vehicles can put you at risk for a fine or legal liability, not to mention the fact that they are often a blemish on your property.  This form is great to use:
If it's a violation of the lease, send them a 3-days' Notice to correct the violation or move.
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