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Unlocking a password protected document

I would like to add a paragraph to my document or reword an agreement. A window pops up and asks me for a password. It is not my password from logging into EZ landlord forms, so how do I obtain that. I am a Premium member.

Contact a support person either via the LIVE CHAT or email or telephone.
I need to fix my contact info in some docs but its password protected.   I Also would like to edit my leases to be esign friendly but I would need to have the password removed for this to be done. The lease you provide is 100% intended to be fulled in with pen and paper! Keep that in mind when replying. Try to have your staff fully setup the current lease by ezLandlordForms to be E-signed with HelloSign or DocuSign, it could take a full day. Its quicker to retype the whole lease.    One other thing, dont take this the wrong way but  your PDFs are a pain to deal with, I cant search for words inside of them and I cant pull quotes from them. This adds time to my workload.  Thank you for any help on this matter.
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