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proof of ownership

this is a tough one.years ago l/we purchased a mobile home in San Bernadino Counry.{ have proof that the money to pay for it came from my bank account only.I have the bill of sale,plus other documents about the purchase.I do not have the deed,because at the my credit was poor,and was asked by the real estate to temporarally leave my name off the application.and so some years went by and forgot to file a quitclaim deed.So that left the homr in my wifes name.Meanwhile over the years the relationship soured and was hit with a restraing order lasting for approx 2 yrs.Now my future ex-wife thinks she is the only owner.sooo my quesrion is is there any way to evict her  or
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CA is a 50/50 state assuming you're still married. Talk to a lawyer.
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