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Property Inspection for sale

I currently have my rental unit under contract for sale. My tenant has been problematic throughout the sale process. He is supposedly moving out at the end of the month. What are my rights if she refuses to allow the buyers inspector onto the premises?

It would be best to give your tenant this form,  That way they are fully aware of the need to show the property.
Showing Tenant a Notification that (s)he would be in Default of the Lease, isn’t going to change his/her behavior seeing Tenant is moving at the end of the month nor will it solve your problem. If your contract states that you can show the property, send (or place it on the door, if this is an approved method of service) tenant a notification that you will be entering the property (date/time) and go to the property with the inspector. Don’t be surprised if the locks were change. You might want to have a locksmith # handy to help you gain entry. Make sure during your entry you let your presence known and that you are entering the premise several times while walking thru the property.
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