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Lease specifically states no pets.  Tenant decided to get dog without checking lease.  Tenant states they will pay security deposit.  This is a duplex.  Other tenant has no pets clause also.  How do I notify the tenant that dog must go.  Or if I accept dog and ask for security deposit, plus additional monthy charge?  Any Opinions

Diane,  You may use this doc when Tenants have brought an unauthorized animal into the rental property.  If you did want to revise the lease you may use this amendment:  
If it was me, I would send them a Notice to correct the Breach of Contract or move. I would declare this Tenant as trouble. They already showed you that the lease means nothing to them. What's next, another person moving in, another pet, etc.
Send them a 3-day notice...get rid of the dog or move.....Review your state/local tenant law about Notice
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