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Dented Garage Door

My previous tenant drove into the garage door. It's dented and because of the age and style of the door- it has to be replaced not repaired. The operation of the door is difficult because of the dent. What percentage is the tenant liable. The replacement for a basic door is $850 based on the estimate I received. Is he liable for the entire amount?

Keisha, yes, if it's their fault then it appears they would be liable. I would suggest taking pictures of the damage, saving a receipt of the estimate and providing your tenant with the bill. We do also offer this doc, if there lease is almost up...
Given the stated age of the garage door, I believe the courts would have a hard time giving you even partial allowance for the damage. More than likely they would state that the door has out lived is “use” according to the IRS depreciation rules. Consider charging them for the install cost and any repair to the frame, etc, if any. Since the door was replaced due to damage, you could also deduct the full amount at tax time vs depreciating it. Check with your tax person as to which method is best for your situation.
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