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Tenants Credit Rating

I have a tenant that  has not paid the trash bill for 5 months. Now I'm getting letters from waste management that if i don't pay then i will pay when my property taxes are due.   Is there a way that i can hit the tenants on their credit report for non-payment of a bill??

Many landlords bill tenants for utilities, but tenants don't always pay those bills on time. Give this notice to a tenant who has failed to pay their utility bills.  
This is also in response to your cross post “Section 8 Tenants”.  If your Contract with HUD states that tenants pay for the garbage, they are responsible. Send Tenants a Breach of Contract Notice and also send a copy to HUD. HUD will probably contact Tenants. If Tenants do not pay as per Notice, immediately start the eviction process. All communications “should” be in writing and copies sent to HUD.  The advantage to you is that if Tenants do not pay, HUD will not issue another Voucher for them to move into another property. This is why it is very important that you notify Housing immediately. Tenants may already be looking for another place (without your knowledge) to live. If HUD approves the new place, they can’t deny the move. However, if HUD knows of the unpaid garbage bill, they will not approve the new place until you are made whole. This also applies to damages, etc. you find during your final inspection, should you receive a notice that they are moving. If Tenants have been approved for another rental, you will have to wait for your money until they move again. This may be several years. I would also pay the bill. Altho you require tenants to pay, you are ultimately responsible.
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