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pets negotiable

we are in the process signing lease. the prospective tenants do not have pets currently but have asked us to put in the lease pets negotiable. thoughts? add amendment to lease? Thank you

Have the addendum state "May allow (enter what would be allowed)." The word MAY doesn't mean you have to. It means you will consider it. You can also state what pet bwould be, such as a dog, max wt @ 25 lbs, tenant to provide renters insurance to include dog prior to animal moving in and you on it so you can place a claim. Check with your insurance agent for specific language. You may state that property must be fumigated by a professional. There's even ways to check for urin on rugs, etc. I would find out kind of pet, why and for whom? Don't be afraid to ask questions. If they give you a hard time, look for new tenants.
What about in the state of Pa, does anyone know any laws here?  Michelle of Pa
@ Michelle - are you talking dog specific? If so, what's your question?
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