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Password Protection for Forms

After downloading a PDF I am unable to edit the PDF...even though I put in the password that I used for EZ Landlord forms...Is there another password or are the forms not editable at all? Or do I need to upgrade my EZ subscription?

Dan, there should be no need for a password. Please be sure you are using an updated version of adobe reader, preferable 10.
I was trying to edit the downloaded PDF file as well. I wanted to add a move in / move out checklist that was already filled out and signed by the tenants. I was unable to add pages to the PDF file as I did not have the password.
try ezlfdocs
Any answer to this? The downloaded PDFs are password-protected. Why? We pay for this service, and we own the content we add to the documents.
I have been having the same problem! I need to fix some errors (caused by ezlandlordforms) and my PDFs are set to have me locked out!!!   Why am I paying for these documents that end up being trash.
Please send a new password
I need to edit the lease that I created.  Please send me the password.  Why are the documents locked if I've paid for a 6 month membership?
Did anyone get a response from the vendor - regarding the password to the document?  I too have been having a frustrating time with the forms - improperly formatted pages, incomplete data on the forms.  Not being able to add/remove pages from the document is very frustrating.
Yes, I received a reply from them.  They don't give the password and the documents are intentionally locked so that you can't edit, customize, or fix them.  They want to restrict you to using their website as the only mechanism of altering the documents.  If they had been clear up front that I wouldn't have been able to edit the documents offline that I had paid good money for I would never have signed up for the premium account.  If you are reading this and have not yet signed up, DO NOT SIGN UP and DO NOT PAY THEM for their documents.  The service they are providing is DECEPTIVE because you won't be able to edit or customize the documents you pay for.  Also, given that there are questions about this in their forums dating back a year and a half one could only conclude that they have TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT since there is no direct response from them here clearing this issue up and stating their policy about not allowing you access to your documents.
I Have the same issue. I have tried saving the pdf as a wrod document and I can't even do that. I want a refund. This is buying an item but not having permissions to customize it to your needs. In that case I do not wish to but it.
Go to:  "File" "Print" "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" (if your version of MS Office has this) then hit OK  Open new XPS file. Copy and paste the contents into an MS Word Document  I posted this here for two reasons. 1) To help others get what they paid for. 2) To see if the people who run this website are honest people that should unlock the documents, or complete azzholes out to screw the people who pay for these documents. If they are honest people they will eventually truen off the pdf security on purchased forms.
This is ridiculous I too am going to demand a refund. WTF
securedoc44  That's the PW I was given. There are other ways around this though. You can "print as" "pdf" and then open it in the PDF editor of your choice.
You may e-sign your lease using the free, downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader DC here, When you open your document in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, click on Fill & Sign. Then, choose Sign, and a field will appear that allows you to enter a signature.  Also, Pro members can contact ezLandlordForms on chat, by email or by phone to obtain the secure password to change verbage. However, please be advised that if you change text that our legal staff has selected as default language for a form, that will remove our guarantee that your form will be state-specific. (Using the passcode to sign your forms will not remove that guarantee.)  Hope that helps!! :  )
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