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Password Protection for Forms

After downloading a PDF I am unable to edit the PDF...even though I put in the password that I used for EZ Landlord forms...Is there another password or are the forms not editable at all? Or do I need to upgrade my EZ subscription?

Who needs this kind of unnecessary aggravation. Relax, it took me a while, but I stumbled upon a simple workaround for my Mac. Probably works on Windows too.  1. Generate a protected document. 2. Open the document with Safari, or any other browser. 3. Print to Open PDF in Preview 4. Annotate, sign, export... whatever you want.. 5. Bask in your newfound success
Here is a good resource:  or just copy and paste the text into word and edit at will.
Open Google Chrome.  Drag your lease or protected PDF into the browser window.  Print to PDF and like magic it is completely editable now.  Your welcome!!!!
I called support and they were able to give me the password for my form. Call 855-270-1928
I can not edit in adobe.  Can I please get the password
I was able to get a password for my form by clicking on the "chat" window at the bottom right of the website when logged into my account. It worked with Adobe, I was able to edit it, but it was no longer covered by their state accuracy guarantee. But hey, at least I can edit it!
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