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Lease ending Aug1st 2012 Bad tenent

This tenents lease expires as above. Have No intention of renewing and am fully aware of NY lease law. It is a non-regulated duplex therefore I do not have to renew. But will give the tenent 60 days notice when serving the notice. This tenent is a real slob as the basement looks like the local landfill with garbage piled in the basement next to the bilko door exit and the bilko door exit area is compltely filled with garbage. Never paid rent on time from day one,has a german shepard dog (no pets allowed in lease) has a live in guest not on the lease. She has the attitute she can due as she damn well pleases. I am considering giving this tennent the non-renewal notice AND the cure and quit notice as well. This tenent is un predictable so I want to be prepared in case I have to go full scale eviction. The notices will be "nail& post method,certified mail and delivered by the local police athority so she has no excuse she never got the notices. Has anyone been down this road before ?
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Richard, you may find this helpful. This booklet provides general information highlighting key aspects of how a trial works, how to conduct yourself, and what rights you have once the trial is over.
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