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What to put on an application rental form

I have recently be considering adding a clause to my applicant forms regarding tenant screening. I recently had an issue with a potential tenant threatening to sue regarding my refusal to rent to her. While I won my cause in court one of the issues that came up was the fact that she claimed that I never told her I was doing credit checks. While I have a line in the applicant forms that informs the applicant that I run background checks on all applicants using it does not specify what kind of checks it is. Should I consider changing this and specifying or do you think I'm over think this? Whiles its not a difficult change I already have multiple copies of my current form.
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I have never had this type of situation come up. However, my application asks the permission to run checks, not specifying. What did the judge say, why did you win and not her. Did he/she offer the reasoning behind it?
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