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Landlord Perception

I am a tenant who recently got into a discussion about our landlord's perception of myself and my roommates. My position was that if the landlord were to see the condition of our living room her positive perception of us might decline. Even if by the smallest amount.  I can't post pictures on this forum but will email one if any ask it.  For now, I'll just explain what the living room looks like.  Apart from the usual, there are: 3 monitors, 2 regular tower computers, 1 large tower computer, all the cords necessary to power the equipment, a laptop and its power cord, 3 Ethernet cords on the ground.  One monitor is on a small table next to the couch, another is on the living room table, the third is on a dining room chair, there is a clothes hamper which is used to raise the mouse high enough for comfort - this is next to a reclining chair being used as the computer operators chair.  If you want to see the picture message me, otherwise just post from what is described.  Do you think this will effect the landlords perception of us negatively?  Yes? No?

Jordan, it's a hard question to answer. Each landlord is different.
Just pay your rent on time, and don't tear up the property,  and your landlord won't care what your living room looks like!
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